About Think Big Coding

Helping children learn to code

Think Big Coding (aka Kung Foo Coding) has been in development since 2017 and now successfully works within multiple primary & junior schools across Kent.  Think Big Coding now helps thousands of children develop their computer/coding and online safety skills, via fun interactive after school clubs, coding camps and an online learning portal.  The company’s founder & Director is 100% dedicated to the technical development of young children and their safeguarding and is also an active STEM Ambassador https://www.stem.org.uk/stem-ambassadors.  The learning environments we have created and are continuing to develop are linked to recent changes to the ICT Curriculum, whereas coding has been introduced as a key element to the curriculum.  Our proven lessons can be easily linked into lesson plans and schemes of work.  We now run multiple after-school clubs in primary schools across Kent and are constantly looking at ways to improve the clubs and the learning outcomes of everyone involved.
Our focus over the past year has been on the managed growth of the business while developing a tried and tested learning environment that is both fun and interactive for the children and offers schools and parents/carers informative reports of the children’s progress.  We are always looking into the future and consistently developing new learning resources that support the learning curriculum, whilst introducing new technologies that can be used within schools and by children on our learning portal.  We believe Think Big Coding is now a key learning tool that can be used both within schools and online.
We will soon be introducing Think Big Coding to Secondary & Grammar schools. Think Big Coding – Laying the foundations & inspiring young minds to create, challenge and develop a safe digital world!

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