Online & Tutor lead Computer coding courses for kids

We have been working within schools for several years and have developed a tried and tested learning portal for Children. Our lessons that have been developed by us & are based on the requirements set out in the National Curriculum. Starting with Scratch a popular block-based visual programming language children will begin to learn the important aspects of programming.


Your monthly subscription includes access to new lessons every week. 


Developed in schools

We also run after school coding clubs in several primary schools in kent, this has allowed us to design, develop and tweak our courses to make sure they keep children interested and progressing every week as they develop their skills.

Our unique curriculum linked coding lessons are the result of over 18 months of Research and Development in spent in school and our lessons have been inspired by Key Stage one and two children.


C. Goode

Aged 8

I started coding club two months ago. At first I didn’t want to go, but now it’s my favourite club of the week. On Scratch you can code funny things and share. On Scratch we do this thing called Kung-fu coding. Everyone starts on a white wristband and then you can move up different stages. When you’re on level two you can do combat coding which is where you write your own code. Top tip: create stuff at home then show to your teacher.



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  • Online Learning Portal
  • New Lessons every week
  • Learn to code in Scratch
  • Learn to code in Python
  • Level Up to a master coder

Think Big Coding

Think BIG Coding runs after-school computer & coding clubs delivering fun interactive coding sessions to primary-school children.

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