New Website Launched

Welcome to the new Think Big Coding website!

We have been working on this for a while and here it is. Lot’s more coming soon including information about Coding Club, Children’s University, STEM, Scratch, Anki Cosmo Code Labs, plus downloadable resources that you can use at home with the online Scratch accounts we will be setting up for all the Children at their first coding club.

We also hope to have a new website portal up and running soon that will allow users to login and access their work online, download extra activities & resources and also perform online tests that will help them to level up and receive a new Kung Fu Coding wrist band (All coders start with a White Wrist Band).

The site also contains lots of important information relating to Safeguarding and the strict measures that we are taking to ensure children’s safety both online and  in the classroom.

Online payment will also be available later this week and payment details will be sent to you all soon.

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