Portal Instructions – Parent Access fo Coding Club Members

Term 4 registration is open now – https://thinkbigcoding.co.uk/product/pay-for-coding-club/

Parent accounts are now linked to Children’s accounts, this will allow you to view your child’s progress on the learning portal ( www.Thinkbigcoding.co.uk )when then start using it together with their Scratch accounts ( www.scratch.mit.edu ).  Please be aware that we are carrying out essential maintenance over the break and upgrading to a new platform.  This will rectify any connections issues that have sometimes occurred to to concurrent user restrictions.


The first lesson is Scratch 1 – the children simply need to navigate to the bottom of each lesson and tick (Mark Complete), this is because it is related to setting up a Scratch account, something your child has already done during club.  Scratch Lesson 1 represents and white wristband, Scratch 2 needs to be completed alongside their Scratch account where they will need to add each lesson to their Scratch portfolio, Scratch 2 represents a yellow wristband and so on.


The courses can be completed during clubs or at home.  If your child is unable to attend an After School Club, there is an option to join as an online member.

Instruction to access your child’s account can be found below.

Login with User Name


Select required course

Select next lesson under lesson content

Follow instructions or simply scroll to bottom of page and mark complete.

There is a test at the end of all the lessons for each course that you will need to pass to move.  Only Scratch One should be fast tracked as it involves setting up accounts, etc. The other courses will require Course work saved on the users TBC EDU Scratch accounts.

All lessons must be marked as complete before moving to the next lesson.

Please raise a support ticket should you experience and problems or have any questions.


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