We are always looking for coding assistants to help at our clubs!

Jobs at think big coding

We are always looking for coding assistants to help at our clubs as we grow the business in other areas. You do not need to be a computer expert or a student; the most important part of the role is being able to communicate confidently with children and to be available for two hours in the afternoon. 

Think BIG Coding has been developed as an after-school club delivering fun, coding sessions to primary school children, linking into the national curriculum. We deliver easy-to-follow online & written projects in Scratch, Python, etc. where children learn to make and evaluate their own coding projects that include the creation of animations, games and quizzes.  When a student is happy with their project, we invite them to present it to the club on a large interactive board.

We use robots when available and include other coding activities, allowing children to develop skills using a multitude of tools.  We all know that children learn in different ways, so to ensure your child gets the most out of our clubs, we also help with basic computer skills and fine motor skills. Do they play games during Coding Club?  Yes, sometimes, but the games are all monitored and obtained via safe searching.  We usually allow 10 minutes at the end of each club for some fun, safe gaming. However, we do encourage them to look at the code of the games they are playing and, where possible, challenge them to change the code. 

Interested in being a Coding Club assistant?

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