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We have been working within schools for several years and have developed a tried and tested learning portal for Children. Our lessons that have been developed by us & are based on the requirements set out in the National Curriculum. Starting with Scratch a popular block-based visual programming language children will begin to learn the important aspects of programming.

Online Tutor Lead Computer Coding Classes

As a helping hand to parents at home we will soon be running daily webinar classes, allowing parents to have some well earned time out while we take care of the home learning for a hour.

Classes will run several times a day, and run for one hour followed by 20 mins Q&A with the tutor.

The classes are aimed at Key Stage one & two and are linked the the national curriculum..

Online Learning from home - Join our Online Coding Club

Membership includes access to the online learning portal.

Plus - Auto enrolment into (become a Think Big Blackbelt Coder) - Progress through the drop fed levels on the portal & collect coloured Kung Fu style wristbands as you level up.

Aimed at Key Stage one & Two,

Coding Club Schools

Coding for Kids

Teaching Kids how to code using Scratch and Python.

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Online and Tutor lead learning

Bringing the classroom to you!



Coding Club will be back soon.

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What is Think Big Coding?

Think BIG Coding Ltd, providing computer coding courses to children through after-school clubs, online learning & home tuition.   Our  easy to follow coding courses have been developed by us and are built around The National Curriculum.  Aimed at Key Stage 1 & 2 Students our learning platform will guide children through easy-to-follow online & written projects in Scratch, Python & WordPress. With extra activities available through our recommended learning partner CodeCombat.  Children learn to develop and evaluate coding projects that include the creation of animations, games and quizzes.  During our Coding Clubs and when a student is happy with their project, we invite them to present it to the club on a large interactive classroom screen & to share within the coding community. 

Our online learning portal allows pupils to work their way through drop fed lessons that will guide them through a structured course of study, it also tests their coding skills throughout their coding journey with Think Big Coding and before releasing the next lesson to insure every student is progressing with the skill-sets required for the next level. (Our library of coding lessons lessons will soon also be available to schools via our VLE and also under license). Every module a student completes is also a step closer to a new collectable coloured wristband that represents their coding level.

We use robots when available and include other coding activities, allowing children to develop skills using a multitude of tools.  We all know that children learn in different ways, so to ensure your child gets the most out of our clubs, we also help with basic computer skills and fine motor skills. Do they play games during Coding Club?  Yes, sometimes, but the games are all monitored and obtained via safe searching and the majority have been created by us and can also be created by the children using the online portal or in a coding club.  We sometimes allow 10 minutes at the end of each club for some fun, safe gaming. However, we do encourage the children to look at the code of the games they are playing and, where possible, challenge them to change the code.  Often the games played have been created by Think Big Coding Coders and Staff. 


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Bringing the classroom to you

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Bringing the classroom to you

Starts Monday 6th April – Online Tutor Lead Computer Coding Classes – Bringing the classroom to you!

Online Tutor Lead Computer Coding Classes – Bringing the classroom to you! As a helping hand to parents at home we will soon be running daily webinar classes, allowing parents to have some well earned …


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